DIY Feed My Paws Recipe: Steak Dinner 2 ways!

Hi everyone!

This was a very last minute recipe in the sense that I didn't plan on shooting this tutorial/doing this blog entry but every year I cook something special on Hoovy's birthday (it's usually beef or venison as he LOVES that) and I thought I'd show you what he was having this year :) Hopefully it'll inspire you and show you how easy it is to whip up a delicious meal for your pup's or kitty's special day too!

(Hoovy just turned 9, I can't believe it!)

Ingredients list:

  • 150g Ribeye Beef Steak (you can also use fish, or pork, chicken, venison, etc. Just ensure it's boneless. Cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of meat)
  • A handful of kale (or any other leafy green), approximately 1/2 cup
  • A handful of pumpkin, approximately 3/4 cup

(I didn't measure exactly how much vegetable I used as this was a very last minute recipe that I put together. But if you cook a little too much, you can always keep the cooked veggies in the fridge for another 2 days)

For this recipe, I'll be showing you 2 ways you can serve your steak dinner! First up, will be the same way we humans have our steak dinners, with a big piece of meat and veggies on the side. It looks aesthetically pleasing but if you have small dogs like I do, I'd recommend cutting up the meat after taking your photos haha. I'm not sure about your dogs, but mine will drag the meat out of their food bowls and all over the floor!

The next version would be a steak tartare. While this is usually served raw, I'll be doing a cooked version (raw feeders, this recipe will work great for you too! Just keep it raw like you usually do). This version is highly recommended for senior dogs, and for cats too. It's much easier to chew :)

Both methods use the exact same ingredients, making it super simple to switch up the recipe whenever you wish :)

Here's the video tutorial. Enjoy!


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